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Our Mission

We designed Reliance Building Services to service the Commercial property industry. We focus on helping clients increase revenue through rapid construction and solid communication. We ensure every project is completed as quickly as possible. This creates cash flow by enabling your staff to increase the number of units rented while keeping the disturbance of the current residents and concessions to a minimum.

Reliance also maintains impeccable communication. We eliminate frustration and lost revenue by going out of our way to ensure you always know exactly what is happening and when it’s going to happen. This includes 24/7 online project access, job schedules, and weekly updates for the duration of the project.

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Prevailing Wage

Structure Fire, Debris Removal & Shoring

Reliance Building Services was called out to an underground structure fire. The fire department was not able to access the fire. Therefore, the only way to extinguish it was to fill the entire level full of water – about 9’ high. Over 241,000 gallons of water was pumped out and hauled off. In order to avoid the collapse of the building, removal of debris and shoring was performed at the same time. Over 67,700 lbs. of lumber was used to shore the structure.

Reliance Building Services is a Prevailing Wage Company